4 thoughts on “TEPARG

  1. Hello everyone. Many thanks, Odile, for setting up the blog. Presently, Steve and I have written the introductory chapter for the series of articles for EJA. The main point is that everyone is encouraged to write a paragraph reacting to each chapter published (in support or against) so that we get discussion going in a Head-to-Head format. With Odile, we are well advanced with the chapter on the history of the teaching of gross anatomy. It needs a polish, some more referencing with a good bibliography and the inclusion of some images by great artists from the history of anatomy (in colour). We’ve been controversial in places so, when approved through the group managing the project, you can all “chip in” with the Head-to-Head. Of course, be gentle with us, we are gentle souls!

    See you soon in Paris


  2. Hello again. The chapter on the history of the teaching of gross anatomy is almost finished; just the footnotes/references to complete. It’s been an interesting article for Odile and myself to write. It’s our hope that what we have discerned as historical trends will have relevance for those writing other chapters.

    Soon, I will have to switch my attention to my talks at the IFAA Congress held during August in Beijing. I have 5 papers to deliver, all of them related to anatomical pedagogy. More about this another time.

    Good luck to those of you who are busy writing book chapters


  3. Thank you everyone for the wonderful meeting this March (2016) and congratulations to Odile, Raffaele and Clare on being appointment officers of TEPARG. To the past officers, Steve and Beat, a very special thanks for all your great work. TEPARG was founded in 2003 and because of everyone’s enthusiasm just gets better and better. Diogo’s port tasting session was also special and will be remembered for a long time.

    To keep you informed, Pierre Sprumont is writing a very scholarly paper on the development of anatomical terminologies and he and I are engaging in a “Head to Head” discussion that will be added to the article. Furthermore, we are close to writing the paper on attitudes of the medical students toward the clinical importance of histology and I have some ideas about a collaboration in TEPARG to assess learning styles that takes a different approach to that previously adopted.

  4. Yes, it was a wonderful occasion to be together. I am very happy that, with the help of Odile, the Port wine tasting was finally possible!
    I also wish to congratulate Odile, Rafaele and Claire for the election. We are in very good hands!
    Bernard, it would be wonderful if you could add the names our new TEPARG members to the list, namely, Diogo Casal from Portugal.

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